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Solving the Microservices/Monolith Dilemma.

The Modular Monolith.

By separating a monolith into decoupled modules with well defined interfaces, you get the benefits of microservices without the extra complexity.

Our first tool, Tach, lets you do just that.

Module Boundaries

Tach lets you define and enforce module boundaries across your project. Preserve a clean architecture automatically with one line in your CI pipeline.

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Built with Rust for blazing fast static analysis

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Open Source

Tach is entirely open source and permissively licensed (MIT)

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Enforce a public interface for each module with strict mode

Dependency Graph

With Tach you can see the dependencies between all of your modules,
and quickly identify cycles and tight coupling.

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Share with your Team

Discuss high-level design with your teammates

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Find Cycles

Quickly identify circular dependencies

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Document your Design

Use your dependency graph to enhance documentation

Test Impact Analysis

Tach uses your module boundaries to determine which test files are impacted by your changes, and dramatically speed up your CI pipelines.

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Rerun all tests for a module if anything within it has changed

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Tach uses static analysis to determine which modules are used in each test.

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Fine-Grained Caching

Accurately cached results based on your source files and environment.